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Property renovations in Melbourne. Not just bathrooms and kitchens, we are a complete home makeovers Melbourne based company with the skills to renovate your existing home and build new home extensions. With exceptional project management skills, great communications skills with you the customer, coupled with our professional qualifications as a builder and the best tradesmen, we believe we are better placed than most to deliver exactly what YOU are looking for ………
………..not what WE think you should have.
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Property Renovation Requirements - Unique to you

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We understand that your needs are unique, with our own ideas about what you want to aspire to, or what would make your lives more comfortable or more convenient. After all, we are all different aren't we? So its paramount that we listen to you carefully and deliver to you the very best home renovation solution at the very best price that we can offer. The internet these days has given us access to information and the renovation industry has it by the ton.
So if you have seen something on the internet or in a glossy magazine about a property renovation that you particularly like, let us know, and we can ensure you will get what you have asked for.

Property Renovation Values Melbourne

So what you all want to know is what property renovations will add value to your home. Well sometimes the best way to look at this tricky question is the exact opposite. So lets have a look at what renovations will not add any value to your property. The first and most obvious is swimming pools. Great to own and a great way to cool off after a hard days work or see the kids having fun in the summer. With the addition of an entertainment area it is a fabulous place to enjoy the company of friends. However most real estate agents will definitely advise that a swimming pool included in your property renovation would not add value to your home on its own.
Next on the list of our trifecta of no no’s is built in furniture. Most people want to put their own stamp on a home and the most obvious way they do this is to bring in all their own furniture. The only concession to this option is built in wardrobes. Everyone loves them and if you have a walk in wardrobe off your main bedroom as an upgrade during your property renovation then fantastic.
Knocking down walls to open up spaces can give your property renovation a completely new look and fit in to today’s lifestyle but be careful as reducing a four bedroom property to three bedrooms means that it will always be a three bedroom no matter how much space you create. If this suits how you live then fine but be aware that there may be a negative effect on the ultimate value of your home. Best consult a real estate agent to get an accurate value of what the effect will be in your local area.
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When we talk to you at the outset of the project we will take into account all of your thoughts and wishes for your dream property renovation, kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation.
After all, you work hard to pay for everything, so we put you first.

Renovating a problem room

We've all got them…… A bathroom or kitchen that's out of date, needs a makeover, or a room that just does not quite feel right, colours not right, looking dated, maybe has a damp spot or feels cold and you just can't work out why. Call us for a free no obligation meeting for a chat over a cup of coffee to discuss and we'll get back to you with a great solution at the best price. No obligation, no pressure, just great advice.
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